Goal of this system is to maximize Lemonade Tokens.
Every trade inside the system is represented and carried out as tokens inside the simulation. There are 38 tokens in total and every token has 8 decimals. While some of the tokens are fixed supply, some of them are distributed as user action based and some of them are distributed by day or hour. Most of these are tradeable tokens. Some cannot be traded. Within this system, based on selling and purchasing lemonade, all tokens have diverse functions.
LMND Token
The only token in the system that can be deposited or withdrawn is EC20 standard token. The entire ecosystem is created around the potential economic activities of this token.
Token Name:  Lemonade
Contract Address: 0x9713b3bf42b0f39c688999185c53db425d864a8a
Symbol: LMND
The reason why LMND was set as a smart contract is that all the activities can registered into the system and therefore cannot be manipulated. It also ensures that there is a constant unit set for the entire system. All other operations are based on this constant unit.
L-Cash Token
This is the currency unit inside the system. L-cash token acts like a bitcoin of the tokenized world. Other tokens are traded with L-cash tokens. It has a supply of 1 billion. The value of L-cash increasing or decreasing doesn’t affect the prices of other tokens. (Can be purchased against ETH in Metamask.)
 Other Tokens
Other tokens are being used in the system and categorized through their functions.
Commodity Tokens
Lemon: Lemon is the main ingredient for lemonade production. It can be obtained from trees.
Fertilizer: By using fertilizer players can get more lemons per tree.
Energy: Each member here is within a fair scope in terms of energy. Everyone gains 24 units of  energy per day.
Vote: Every member has a right to vote. After the vote process ends new vote tokens are generated and distributed equally among the members.
Drink Limit: Every member has a chance to get energy consuming lemonade daily.
Squeezer: Squeezing lemons with a squeezer decreases lemon waste. 15% less waste.
Better Squeezer: A more effective squeezer makes much less waste. 25% less waste.
Ice-Matic: Make your consumer s happier by providing fast and high-quality ice. Sale prices are increased by 10% and waste is reduced by 20%. Customer satisfaction increases.
Ice Dispenser: Consumer satisfaction is increased when ice enters the glass without melting. A 10% increment in sales price and improvements in service time is achieved.
Lemonade Dispenser: Lemonade  is ready; it is much easier to satisfy the needs of the customers quickly. A 10% increment in sales price and improvements in service time is achieved. Consumer satisfaction increases.
Cash Register: Enables fast and error-free payment. Waiting time is reduced. A 15% increment in sales price and improvements in service time is achieved. Consumer satisfaction increases.
Mixer: Using a mixer instead of spoons increases the quality and reduces time taken. A 10% increment in sales price is achieved and waste is reduced by 20%. Consumer satisfaction increases.
Shademaker: Nobody wants to spend time under the scorching heat. So, this prevents the ice melting and ensures a nice environment for your consumer. A 15% increment in sales price and improvements in service time is achieved. Consumer satisfaction and visibility increases..
Refrigerator: The taste of your lemonade will be improved if you store them in a refrigerator. It prevents your products spoiling. A 15% increment in sales price is achieved and waste is reduced by 20%. Consumer satisfaction and taste increases.
Music: Your consumer will feel happier if you provide good music for them. You will attract more attention and will earn more. A 15% increment in sales price and improvements in service time is achieved. Consumer satisfaction and visibility increases.
Wooden Stand: Classical wooden stand is a good start for your first lemonade adventure. Increases sale price by 15%.
Travelling Stand: You can increase your sales by moving your stands around the neighborhood. Increases sales price by 25%.
Minibus Stand: You can increase your sales by going to other towns. Increases sale price by 50%.
Special Stand: People would know what you are selling from miles away. A more pleasant experience is guaranteed. Increases sale price by 75%.
Store: Owing a store of your own means you are already an important player. People would rather choose to go to a store. Increases sales price by 125%.
Production Tokens
Lemon Tree: The only way of growing your own lemons without the need to buy them. A lemon tree will provide you with fresh lemons every day. All you need to do is get up and collect them.
Fertilizer Factory: You may produce and sell fertilizers in this factory on a daily basis.
Advertising Company: Working together with an advertising company while selling lemonade will earn you time and money. By improving branding and promotion skills these tokens may be sold in a more effective way.
Training Company: More productivity can be achieved in selling and producing lemonade by following the courses offered by this company. Selling and productivity skills are developed and sold if desired.
Main Factory: Every single component needed for lemonade production such as stands, equipment and many more are produced in this factory.
Lemon Production Tokens
Machine Level One: The most basic lemonade production machine. You can make your lemonade much faster by using a machine rather than your bare hands. Requires 15% less lemons.
Machine Level Two: Lemons are used much more effectively by employing this machinery. Requires 25% less lemons.
Machine Level Tree: The most advanced of the manual machines. An economic option. Requires 50% less lemons.
Automatic Machine: You may benefit from the advantages of technology by making investments in automated machines. Requires 75% less lemons.
Lemonade Factory: The most cost-effective method is to produce lemonade in a factory. Requires 125% less lemons.
Skill & Point Tokens
Preparation Skill: Your hands-on experience in lemonade preparation affects its taste and therefore its price. Each time you practice preparing it, your skills will improve. It is not tradable.
Branding: With this token course, you may perform a 10-day-long branding effort for your lemonade, and as a result increase the prices.
Promotion: By using this token, you may sell more lemonade with less effort.
Productivity Skill: With this token, more lemonade can be produced by using fewer lemons.
Selling Skill: High earnings can be obtained by using this skill.
Production Points: They provide production point tokens to the main factory owners each day; desired goods can be produced in exchange for production token.
There are currently six parties inside the simulation. Every party manages for an entire month. New voting happens at the end of each month. Users can view these parties and observe the open votes inside the City Hall page. Every party has a different ideology and management techniques. Users can also ask for a vote for their own parties with different ideas to the others.
Farmers Party: Tree’s growth rate and lemons gathered from a lemon tree increases.
Traders Party : Buying fees decreases.
Producers Party: It is the party of factory owners. It increases the productivity in the fertilizer factory and the main factory.
Traditional Party: It maintains the current orders of the system.
Business Party: It increases the productivity of the advertising and training company.
Green Party:  Increases the daily energy production by creating a healthier environment.


Inside the simulation, every user has s democratic right to vote. The voting process uses a vote token. Periodically every user gets their voting ballots. With the same exact purpose, users can also suggest a change publicly inside the simulation (City Hall inside the simulation). The vote token ensures that every vote is equalized. Suggestions that obtain the highest number of votes go to another vote that includes yes and no options. For example, a suggestion might be to suggest converting every token into an EC20 smart contact, and making them withdrawable. Users can suggest that a token should have an extra feature. For example, users could suggest making selling skill tokens to create more profit in every sell rather than only selling lemonade.
Economic Activities
  • Trade:
    Trade means converting one meta to another. Buying a meta costs more than 20% of the price when selling the same meta. Assets can be traded within the system, except energy and some of the skill tokens.


  • Production:
    Production activities are performed within in the factories, lemon trees, and commercial institutions.


  • Transform:
    Transform is a form of trade when a user converts a non-commercial asset into an asset that has a commercial value. For example, producing stand or production platform from energy is considered as a transform. The opposite is also true; producing energy from lemonade.


  • Productivity & Marketing: Skills like selling, productivity, and preparation can be purchased from a training company. In addition, with every sale or production of lemonade, skills are given as a bonus. Within promotion and branding tokens collected from the advertising company sale activities are concluded with more profit and with more volume.


  • Investing:
    Some assets go higher in numbers over time. For example, lemon trees grow higher over time, and therefore more lemons are produced.


  • Stocking:
    An accumulation of tokens in personal wallets that a user thinks may gain value over time


  • Profit:
    Every meta has a cost in the system. Cost values can vary with time. The opposed cost is paid through L-Cash. When the supply in the market decreases, a user will collect more L‑Cash through a sale, and that is called profit.
Token Mining
Most of the tokens within the system can be mined with various activities and can be kept in online wallets. But only LMND can be withdrawn or deposited. Therefore the general purpose of the system can be considered as maximizing the LMND token. The system will ensure that every user can mine on equal terms. Users who can use business dynamics effectively, and give better responses to changing circumstances, may get better mining returns.